Andreas Fehr - DOERS.





Andreas Fehr got in touch with insertEFFECT after he moved to Nuremberg about seven years ago where he co-founded the first coworking space of the city. Andreas and his Companion Michael Sabah from “denkpionier” support companies of any kind in the creation and optimization of services and customer experience. Once we experienced Service Design Workshops with Andreas we were fully convinced of his qualities as a passionate Service Designer. Andreas is an energetic and enthusiastic man of action, doing his share to make our cities more livable, whether in his former profession as a citymanager or still today in his voluntary service for BLUEPINGU e.V. Here at insertEFFECT Andreas is responsible for the development of Mobility as a Service from a user’s perspective and the perfect customer experience in all digital services. Andreas is convinced that enthusiasm is the driving force for innovation. His catchy enthusiasm makes speeches, BarCamps, and Service Design Jams entertaining, enjoyable, and fun.


Service Design in Mobility

A new mobility of the future will be focusing on usability instead of ownership (Mobility as a Service = MaaS). What role does public transportation play? How does new mobility get more attractive than owning a personal vehicle? Why are there currently no convincing, large-area solutions? These and other questions will be answered by Andreas Fehr, insertEFFECT, specialist in the field of Service Design for Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Andreas will show how a combination of several design disciplines, like Service Design and User Experience, works in the young field of Mobility Experience Design and share his experience in implementing this approach in an agile software development process.

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