Bartek Lechowski - DOERS.



IKEA Customer Experience Executive


Bartek is responsible for making IKEA a more customer focused organisation. Having background from big FMCG companies like Mars and Danone on both local, regional and global level, he joined IKEA to lead Customer Revolution and make a major holistic turnaround of 1 billion EUR polish IKEA organisation with several developments being rolled-out on a global scale.
At the end, this major organisational redesign contributed strongly to double-digit growth and delivered highest customer satisfaction in several years, changing IKEA Retail Poland into more agile, open and customer-focused company.


Creating Stories

In his talk, Bartek will share the step-by-step approach of the transformational journey he and his team went through. He will show some of the tools IKEA uses, how it approaches process optimisation and what is the magical ingredient that really makes the difference.

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