Jakob Schneider - DOERS.



Co-Founder, CCO at More Than Metrics / Partner, Creative Director at KD1 design agency


— Co-founder and CCO, More than Metrics

— Partner and creative director, KD1 design agency

— Designer and editor of This is Service Design Doing

Jakob is partner and creative director at KD1 design agency, working in all fields of visual corporate communication. Being co-founder and CCO at More than Metrics, he also co-creates software for service designers, like Smaply and ExperienceFellow.

Working as an interdisciplinary designer since 2006, Jakob had the honor to collaborate with clients such as Volkswagen, Daimler, Beiersdorf, Edeka, Siemens, Deutsche Telekom. His scope of work ranges from rather designy stuff for cultural institutions to full-blown corporate projects – sometimes with, sometimes without human-centered thinking.

In 2010, he published (and designed) the business bestseller “This is Service Design Thinking” together with Marc. 2018, the team released “This is Service Design Doing”. Jakob speaks at conferences, universities and fellow agencies on service design, start-ups, and daily agency struggle. Jakob lives in Cologne/Germany, enjoys urban life as much as the woods, and is seen on his old dutch bike mostly


Doing is the hard part.
12 Commandments of Service Design

While we generally agree on the usefulness of many methods and tools in service design, we all struggle when it comes to long-term, real-world implementation. Jakob, who together with Marc, Markus and Adam recently published “This is Service Design Doing”, will use this session to share his perspective on the doing part of service design. He will draw parallels between business realities and the team’s co-creative approach to designing a 600 page business book. We hear about pivots, the limits of iterations, how to sell service design to non-believers, and why projects take 2 years longer than expected.

How standardized can a process be? What do we ask of the people involved? What are dead ends? And how can we stop talking all this bullshit and start to empower people? As a humble suggestion, Jakob will share their 12 Commandments of Service Design.


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