Joanna Bakas - DOERS.





Joanna holds a Masters in Behavioral Economics from Northwestern University in Chicago. She began her career in advertising where she developed business and brand strategies for leading brands across Europe, having worked in Athens, Russia, the Netherlands, the Balkans, Adriatics and Hungary on clients such as SCA, McDonald’s and Vodafone.

She founded LHBS Consulting in 2010 with her partner Stefan Erschwendner and now leads a team of 15 consultants in Berlin focusing on designin transformative business strategies for brands such Telekom Austria Group, Vodafone, Alpha Bank Greece, mBank Poland and other leading companies in Germany as well as across Europe.

LHBS is a strategy and innovation consultancy that works with clients to make them more customer centric and agile. LHBS develops ‘actionable’ strategies and works in close collaboration withclients on strategically based innovation for core products, added valueservices and the E2E customer experience applying the principles of SRUM, Agile and Design Thinking.


Product as a service

While in the past brands have been positioned on ‘what we say’, in today’s competitive environment, what differentiates brands is ‘what we do’. There is a great potential for delivering a superior customer experience through an ecosystem of added value services, especially enabled by digital behavior and enabling technologies. The keynote will address the thinking behind “Product as a Service”, cases and examples as well as a process for undergoing service innovation.

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