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Marc Stickdorn is a German trainer and consultant for service design thinking, working with clients like Deutsche Telekom. He lives in Innsbruck/Austria where he co-founded two start-ups. Marc is co-author of the award-winning design book, This Is Service Design Thinking


Workshop 1 | 60 min
Journey Mapping Essentials

In this fast-paced 60-minute workshop, you’ll learn hands-on how to facilitate a co-creative journey mapping workshop to map user, customer, employee, or citizen experiences together with a diverse group of people. In small groups, you’ll learn by doing how to define the steps of a journey, how to create a storyboard, combine steps into stages, and add involved stakeholders, channels, and alternative scenarios. Moreover, you’ll learn how to create an emotional journey and find edge cases within these instead of just meaningless average values.

Workshop 2 | 60 min
How to embed and scale service design in organizations

In this 60-minute masterclass Marc briefly outlines a roadmap how to embed and scale service design in an organization and iteratively increase the organization’s service design maturity. After this short lightning talk by Marc, you’ll work in small groups on a brief challenge on this topic. Then, we’ll listen to a few approaches how to embed and scale service design, and discuss challenges and opportunities./span>

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