Maria Jaatinen - DOERS.



Senior Service Designer at Hellon


Maria Jaatinen is a Senior Service Designer at Hellon, the largest independent strategic service design agency in Finland. Jaatinen has extensive experience in designing and utilising design games for service innovation and organisational transformation both in private and public sectors. She’s an expert in facilitating collaborative design processes, strategy design processes, cultural change and employee experience design, as well as customer experience development and service innovation. During her 6 years at Hellon, Jaatinen has worked with large companies in the finance sector, healthcare, and transportation, as well as cities and public officials.



Workshop 1 | 60 min
Design games

Design games are tools for innovation, collaboration and organisational transformation that are rapidly increasing in popularity due to their power to engage and inspire people in change. In this interactive session you will learn how we used a design game to spark innovation for the future of Nordic mobility, and explore this and other design games in practice, getting practical takeaways on how you could utilise design games in your own work.

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