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Service Design Director at Designit


Mauro Rego works as Service Design Director at Designit. For 9 years he designs brands, digital services and products for startups and organizations like Tesco, Allianz and Wikimedia Foundation (to name few). Before he has worked as an in-house designer for Telekom and SAP. Besides crafting, Mauro has 9 years professional teaching experience. He has been teaching as a guest lecture Service & Interface Design at the Koln International School of Design, Design Thinking for companies at the Professional Track of the HPI Academy and Visual Thinking at Wired Campus. Together with a team of design enthusiasts, he’s running Service Design Berlin, a non-profit initiative for professionals.



Bringing the craft back to service design

Since the ascension of design at organisations’ strategy tables, designers are increasingly working on intangible and abstract matter. To scale design and change people’s mindset, designers have to empower other professionals with their methods and help them solve wicked problems. At the same time, design production is turned into a commodity with the rise of modularised design systems and component libraries, giving non-designers the tools to design themselves and make design decisions independently. But this comes at a cost: the loss of the craft.

In this talk, Mauro Rego will discuss the challenges and pitfalls of working in in-house strategic projects as a service designer and present his view on why service designers should nurture their craft and what craft means in the context of strategic design.

In this talk Mauro Rego will discuss the challenges and pitfalls of working as a service designer in in-house strategic projects and present his view on why service designers should nurture their craft even more.



Workshop 1 | 60 min
Being Visual | Visualising Services

In its essence, services are intangible, and we only perceive them through artefacts and interactions. So, how can we “see” them before they exist? “Being visual” is one of the first rules for any brainstorming session. It is a common strategy to communicate ideas, data, service and business concepts.

The first Being Visual session will be about the basics of visual literacy and how we can apply them to support the design of services. Mauro Rego will give an introduction and demonstrate tools and examples of visualisation in service design.

Workshop 2 – 90 min
Being Visual | Visual Facilitation Basics

Usually misunderstood as someone scribbling on the wall while people are discussing a specific topic, Visual Facilitation is a platform for people to communicate and understand each other on general matters.

The second Being Visual session will be about tips and tricks to facilitate work in multicultural and multidisciplinary environments.


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