Silke Bochat - DOERS.



Former Head of Design – Eastern Europe, PepsiCo


As a design executive for PepsiCo, Mars, Vodafone and Beiersdorf (and also globally renowned agencies), Silke mastered many sides of design leadership in FMCG and non-FMCG from transforming companies being design-led and consumer-centric, building functions & capabilities from scratch, transforming in-house teams, developing large scale programs to turning around multi-billion brands such as NIVEA. Her career has unparalleled bandwidth, having earned her stripes in HQs as well as in regions, on both, global & regional brands, from single product up to complex +300 SKU portfolios, from small start-up to multi-billion sized brands, holistically from front-end innovation to production, stand-alone and leading an in-house team.


Implementing & scaling design & design thinking in companies

Can design truly transform a company? How do we convince companies of the value of design & design thinking? Why do many design ideas not make it to market? Why do we run revolutionary innovation workshops and in the end the most evolutionary ideas are chosen? How are design decisions made at companies? Why is the deadline often tomorrow and so many briefings so badly written? How do we secure a required budget and headcount for our in-house team? While there is no lack of great designers and stunning design ideas, sure there is a need of knowing better how to elevate the perception of design at a company and generate buy-in at executive level. In her presentation, Silke will share with us a valuable and actionable backstage view on how in-house design teams transform companies, what to consider when implementing (and scaling!) teams & design thinking on corporate side and how agencies can improve their impact & collaboration with their clients.


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